Free Online 1-on-1 Basketball Game RPG

Welcome to My Baller

Welcome to the new My Baller, a 1-on-1 basketball game. There is no simulation now; you get to play the games live.

The game of basketball is enjoyed by many people and has enjoyed an increasing popularity right across the five continents, with excellent leagues such as the National Basketball Assoc. (NBA) and international clubs Euroleague providing a great stage for the best teams and players to battle it out. The Miami heat have enjoyed a history of successes in the past years and this year could see them continue that legacy. Other giants such as The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers maybe contenders, the odds of either team winning the NBA championship can be found at

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How does it work?

My Baller is really an online basketball roleplaying game (RPG). You can play live games against other players to win experience points (XP) that can be used to train your player and increase his stats (height, strength, jumping, hustle, timing, shooting (inside), shooting (outside), quickness, and dribbling). You also win money that can be used to buy items to help your player.